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A Guide To Maintain Prosthetic Parts By Manufacturers And Learn How To Prevent Problems While Using Such Devices


A machine required proper caring and maintenance to perform in better way. In this article, Prosthetic Parts Manufacturers will share certain tips to maintain prosthesis and prevent any damage by taking good care of the device.

To make best utilization of the new limb and prevent damage, it is necessary to take proper care of the device, the amputation location, and person’s general health by following these things every day
  • Remove the prosthetic part before sleeping.
  • Examine the device for any damage or loose parts.
  • Examine the signs of irritation (if happens).
  • Wash and clean the skin and massage and moisturize the stump with little amount of lotion.
  • In case you find swelling in the stump, place a bandage over it when you are not wearing the prosthetic part.
  • Often observe the stump skin and check for sores or wounds. In case you find any wound, treat it before wearing prosthetic device on it. You can stand in front of mirror to see hidden or unreachable wounds on your skin.
  • When you use leg prostheses, you should wear accurate fitted shoes and never change your heels’ height. Manufacturers design such prosthetic parts for one heel height only.
  • Clean the socket of prosthesis with normal water and soap.
  • Wear dry and clean socks with prosthesis.

You should maintain your weight as it helps keeping the prosthesis fitting accurate. You can take yearly appointment to examine and service these devices to ensure proper working.

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