Monday, 15 December 2014

Comprehensive Maintenance Action Plan for Electrical and Switchgear Parts By Manufacturers


Any machine failure happens when its user doesn’t take good care or maintain for easy operations. When the switchgear failure happens, its output is often catastrophic. Damaged switchgear involves expensive repairs, which directly affect user’s pocket money. Thus, Electrical and Switchgear Parts Manufacturers have got a comprehensive maintenance action plan to share to help users in maintaining switchgears and electrical parts by testing, inspection, and maintaining.

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The maintaining switchgear method ensures protection to devices in correct way. Every time when you change settings in the utility system, you should confirm that the interrupting ratings and short circuit withstand of your equipment should be adequate. Here is the plan to help you in maintenance program:

  • You have to review your equipment history- Any repair or failure happened before? Do you know about refurbishment or repair needs?
  • You should review the documents and drawings
  • You should carry out visual inspections, partial discharge testing, thermal scanning, and other testing techniques to take precision action
  • Develop a certain schedule and work plan. Share the plan with all the staff and keep your end-users updated.
  • Switch off the switchgear and coat it with protective grounds.
  • Check all the connections 
  • Inspect and clean
  • Make changes or repairs as planned 
  • Perform tests
  • Examine operations
  • Make reports of results
Switchgear maintenance is generally taken as low priority by management teams- they ignore the maintaining steps until a failure happens. As per the experts, when people fail to maintain their electrical and switchgear parts, the risk of loss is higher. Manufacturers often recommend proper testing and inspecting the devices to run them for long without any problem. By following solid maintenance action plan, user can saves hefty repair costs, expensive failure and replacements and enhances safety, uptime, reliability, and profitability.

Through this plan, you can prevent switchgear failure and avail productive operations. All the points are shared in consideration of making your device stable and reliable for operations. You can also take help of manual and guidelines to check the machine performance and make adequate changes to enhance productivity.


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